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Zero is your partner in the journey towards weight loss and health gain. Replace the dieting seesaw with intermittent fasting and other healthy habits that build momentum towards better, lasting health.

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Zero Members have lost millions of pounds, reversed disease, and unlocked youthful energy through simple, science-backed habits.

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“I unlocked new benefits that went beyond weight loss — I started experiencing higher levels of energy and mental clarity. Because I was more focused, I was improving as a father, husband, and employee.”

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"Zero helped me turn intermittent fasting into a habit, I lost 60 pounds in six months, and I’ve kept the weight off for almost a year now."

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"Not only did I lose weight, and not only did my doctor cut my thyroid medication in half, but I’m a mentally stronger person. Zero has helped me slow down and be more deliberate about how I spend my time."

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Our members have lost millions of pounds.

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Love Zero

This is a great app. Very user-friendly, and I love that it checks in on you to see how you are doing, keeping you accountable. It’s two thumbs up for me!

Keeps Me on Track!

I have really enjoyed the Zero app! It’s nice to see my accomplishments and progress. I enjoy the articles, too! Thanks for making this app accessible and so easy to use!

It’s Super Helpful

This app has been essential in my weight loss journey. Reading about the different phases my body goes through has also helped keep me motivated.

Fantastic App!

Very well designed, with great tools for motivation (like streak tracking, badges, etc.) and education (like numerous articles). The fasting Timer and notifications are great.

Fantastic — Easy to Use and Easy to Log and Track

Best investment which helped me get my weight down. Live a healthy life and fast to improve my focus, energy, and mood. I eat a lot healthier and have lost 50 pounds.

Easy to Use

Simple and easy to use. Don’t have to get lost on metrics. It’s helped me control late-night binging. Love the fact that you can end your fast from the watch.

Zero Helped Me Lose 100 lbs and Counting

I cannot thank the Zero team enough for creating this well-polished app. Zero, along with a healthy ketogenic diet, helped me lose over 100 lbs — and still going strong!

Really Helpful and Easy to Use

I love this app. It is really worth every penny. I am moving forward on my health goals, and I am more informed now than ever about fasting and getting results. I love it!

Fantastic — Easy to Use and Easy to Log and Track

Best investment which helped me get my weight down. Live a healthy life and fast to improve my focus, energy, and mood. I eat a lot healthier and have lost 50 pounds.

The Best I’ve Ever Felt

I’ve never felt more focused, more energetic, more calm, and more patient with people. All it takes is making the decision to do and feel your best, hit that button, and get Zero.

The Most Used and Best App I Have on My Phone

Zero is the best app that I have on my phone. It’s helped me so much with my weight and fitness goals — truly a life-changing app. Thank you so much!

Terrific App

I love Zero. Deceptively simple to use, with complex science solidly backing it. This has become a lifestyle choice for both my wife and I — and we are loving the health benefits from it already.

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Zero Starts
with Science

Zero is based on dozens of peer-reviewed studies and developed with our Scientific Advisory Board.

Zero's Experts

Science Team

  • Dr. Naomi Parrella  Chief Medical Officer of Zero and the Chief of Lifestyle Medicine at Rush University. She is an accomplished obesity-medicine physician and a sought-after speaker on the topics of metabolic health and lifestyle change. She leads seven clinics in the Chicagoland area and has helped over 10,000 patients move towards their health goals.

    Nicole Grant, RD.
    Certified Nutrition Support Specialist

  • Rich LaFountain, PhD. Kinesiology Researcher and Science Writer

  • Katya Meyers, RD. Certified Nutrition Support Specialist

    Kristi Storoschuk, BSc. Muscle Physiology and Metabolic Health Researcher

Scientific Advisory Board

  • David B. Allison, PhD. Biostatistician and Psychologist, Obesity Researcher, Dean of The Indiana University School of Public Health-Bloomington, one of the top 10 scientists in the world awarded the most NIH grant funding

  • Eric Ravussin, PhD. Professor in Human Psychology, Director of the Nutritional Obesity Research Center at Pennington Biomedical Research Center, Douglas L. Gordon Chair in Diabetes and Metabolism

  • Steven N. Austad, PhD. Professor and Chair of the Department of Biology at the University of Alabama

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