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How are you feeling?

It’s a question that’s important to reflect on during a fast, especially extended ones. That’s why we created the Fast Journal—a place where you can easily track the highs, lows, and everything in between throughout your fast. Add notes and mood changes to create an easy-to-view mood graph at the end of your fast.

Check it out, then log your first entry today.


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    • Good Morning
      Feeling thankful and grateful this Sunday morning. Looking forward to all the amazing things that will come my way this year. Cheers to love, life, family, friends,adventures and a new beginning. Ready to make some permanent health changes.

    • It’s it possible to edit your fast after you’ve pressed end. I ended the fast on the Apple but still didn’t eat for a couple of hours so what to update but it has gone into the history and I can’t.

      Also where is this journal? Sounds great but can’t see in the app

  • Interesting that this journal is coming out now as I’ve had the Zero app for about a month now. I truly like it a lot as it keeps me going to see all my successful fasts! Even when I don’t quite reach my goal it still motivates me to do better.
    Right now, I’m half way through a 36 hr fast and for the first time am feeling a little queasy and nauseous. I’ll power thru it.

    • Felix, my fist four day fast, July 2017, I felt weak at times, I was able to rest and that was helpful.

      I’ve learn what works better for me & using distractions to help, hot tea, engaging in activities which keep me actively away from food and having successes. Presently I’m past the midway of a four day fast & see progress and feeling optimistic. Pondering extending extending longer.

      I’ll continue one day at a time. Fourth day increase the body’s HGH, human growth hormone.

      Know each day longer there are other important physiological body changes.

      I focus on the benefits of fasting I desire.

      Take it a day at a time, enjoy the positive changes, reach out in the fasting community for support and know part of the uncomfortableness is detoxing, resetting and will pass.

      I applaud and support your efforts!

      Anthony P

      • I haven’t been tired at all, but I am not sure that what I supposed to eat when I finish my fasting for best results

      • Thx Anthony! 4 days! That is awesome. I’m now doing a 30 hr fast(6 more to go). It seems to get easier and easier. I look forward to when I can go for 4 days.
        I just read Dt Fung’s chapter on insulin deficient vs insulin dominance! What an eye opener! He says the record fast is 383 days! We have a way to go to beat that! Lol…
        Anyway, good to hear from you and thx again! 👊👍

    • I get super nauseous when I hit about 12 hours, which for me is usually around the time I’m getting out of bed. I usually drink a little water and feel a tad better. Then it goes away as the day goes on. But it’s definitely tough when it happens.

  • Hey 👋
    It has been an amazing 😉 time in practicing zero fasting…
    Between the 8 of August to October 31 I have lost a stone and I am very happy 😃 about it..

    Of course there has been high and lows but in all it has paid off…

    I am in continuation because I am going on a journey with this fasting thanks to zero fast and all it represents …

  • Good idea! My longest fast was the Halloween Fast, 20 hours, without event. I wonder about a 24hr. and 36hr. fasting but I need to determine where it fits into my life.

  • Im feeling great.ihave start to say my 25th day lost sometimes Wright. So ik happy to say i had a hard day but thats my own fold. I eat not enough yesterday so that was a lesson i tool With me to say.

    I realised the last weeks that the amounth a normaly eat i really dont need. So thanks for that lesson.

    I think zero is a really great app.

    I eat better so my body react really good on the app and fasting

    Thanks for that


  • So excited I started the 16/8 fast. It has been going now for about 3 months and have lost 30 pounds. I feel better and the plan is easy to follow. Of course, some days are easier than others. I would recommend as a great way to eat-trying to lose or not.

    • Would you mind me asking if you are doing anything else with the fasting- calorie intake , exercise ?
      And are you strict as in no coffee rule ?

    • What style of eating do you follow? Sid you make any other changes besides the eating window? Thanks! Those are amazing results good for you!!! You should be so proud!

    • I agree! And it save so much time from prepping a menu, shopping, chopping, cooking and clean up. Most days it’s not really that hard if you keep yourself busy.

    • That’s fantastic. I just started fasting 16:8 but what eating habits do you follow keto,Palio or do you eat what you want? I’m new to this and trying to get a better understanding to maximize the results.

  • I’ve already been using the fast journal. I really enjoy adding notes and mood changes while waiting for the end of my fast. Very easy to use.

  • Hi i am just back on track after about two weeks. Kinda fell off the wagon but not too much. Spent last 4 days getting back to Keto without making myself feel guilty and decided this evening would be back to fasting and here I am! Zero keeps me happy and in control and that is the secret! I’m in control! It’s my life and I am living well. So I’m all set and ready to go….I have lost a good deal of weight but prefer to look after my welfare and my health! Starting back with a 16 hour and hope to be back to 20/4 very soon…

    • I find I miss the late evening snack while watching TV. But I finish my 2nd daily meal and small desert by 8 PM and begin fast lasting until Noon the next day. I’m a big coffee drinker so that helps a lot. The 18/6 fast works well for me.

  • It’s good tracking, but I would suggest to add three angry emoji as well. Fasting really changes our mood in the beginning. Thank you!

  • I enjoy the mood graph. I find that my struggle seems to be at the half way point most times. Being able to recognize this helps me push through my fast and find things to focus on during the time when I know it’s the toughest.

  • My first fast in here and the journal works great. There’s something about tracking your progress that helps you move forward.

  • My concentration and mental energy hasn’t dropped bar one day of headache. Yet I do feel physically tired and short of breath once in a while.

  • A journal is a good idea. Can post my frustration with this app after it wiped out an entire year of my fasts! 😡

  • I am on day 3 of IF and I started to incorporate exercise… did life cardio and 10 mins in I was super exhausted and slightly dizzy. Is this normal for IF? Am I doing something wrong??

    Thank you!

  • I’m in love with fasting this is my first time doing it and I’m feeling good is helping me for a lot others thinks

  • Love this! Is there a way to add a functionality within your fasting period to document intake such as coffee, tea, etc. and if/how it would affect the fasting period?

  • Agree. Love the emojis to track mood. Would love to keep the brief note section too, so I can indicate why I choose the emoji I did. This will help me identify my patterns. Thanks!

  • Will you be running analytics against it so that we can see week to week and month to month averages in mood status?

  • Have not been able to download this app to my phone I really like to use this positive new took especially with the Hollidays coming.

    • I can enter my mood and a comment, but doesnt show in a chart like this. Can’t enter any info unless Ive just hit end fast. Was really hoping this would work.

  • Make it so we can rate our hunger level from 1 to 5 or 1 to 10….. I might be in a great mood but I’m starving! 😫

  • Great app! Makes it easier to control my eating habits. I’ve been using it since it’s release and the new features are really great. Remember to count your calories 😆

  • Love this idea but sometimes after I’ve made an entry, it won’t let me save it. I have to dismiss what I’ve typed and start all over.

  • Just over 50 days in and I’m just over 25 pounds lighter. Outstanding and very straightforward method to dropping excess weight.
    I even ran the NYC Marathon last weekend and my post-race condition is better than ever before.

  • Love this idea! I have been recording and forgot to add another. Thank you. Love this app. It keeps me excited to fast!

  • I am feeling very strong and motivated. This is my first time attempting 36 hour fast. I thought about it for a couple of years. I assumed it was a difficult goal to achieve. However, I was wrong. I know I will be proud at 36 hours. In the 19th hour, I felt hungry so, I had two spoons of bone broth, and a glass of water. Hunger was gone.

  • How do I update the app without losing my stats?
    I really need a step by step as not much of a techie myself.
    Thank you

  • Loving this new feature keeps you motivated I am thinking of having my first 36 hour fast. Will let you know

  • This app really does help you keep track of how long you fast without trying to remember times. I love the journal idea, sometimes talking about your feelings helps

  • I love this feature.
    Something additional i would love to see is a comparison of moods between different fasts. For example I usually only record my mood twice during a fast (18/6hr) so it is not very useful for me to see how i feel at different times during one particular fast. But it would be useful to see how my mood has improved between fasts – on the first day i may get hungrier earlier on because i’m not used to it yet, and then by day 3 i don’t feel hungry at all until the eating window begins! Tracking that sort of process is very encouraging!! :)) That’s why if we had a graphical representation of that it would be amazing!

    • Hi Gerald,

      Thank you for the feedback. We agree that personal information should remain private and this data is encrypted as it’s transported to our server and when it’s stored in our database. If you have any questions about this reach-out to us anytime at

  • Did a 36hr dry fast on thursday, no water no food and broke it after 36hrs. Lost 3 lbs. Doing the snake juice fast now.

  • I cannot find how to download the Journal for Fasting. Please help! I just started my first 13 hour fast, and am delighted to see from the
    “timer” I’ve already fasted 40 minutes! These minutes went by so quickly as I was reading through several “blog”
    entries. Thank you.

  • I’d love to see an article on how often you can fast. For instance, i want to lose weight. I’m starting on the 13 hr (although i actually went 15.5 hrs). Should i try to work up to 16:8 and do that daily? Or try to do a longer fast once a week, etc.?

  • This comment is purely for the journal addition.
    Where is it!? Lol I watched they video, but no directions were given. I’m an intuitive guy and techno savvy.
    I’ll find it, but I just wanted to comment on the roll out here. You missed the most vital part, telling us where to go to enter the journal.

  • Remember how I said I couldn’t find the journal? Well, it helps when I update the app. My bad. I thought it was on auto update. Lol

    I love this app because: it keeps track of the time and logs all my efforts. It provides an easy way to defend my choice to fast, by means of the library/learn tab. It is simple and useful. Great combo.
    Thank you Zero.

  • Love this app over Life! I have to use both because I track for my sister with disabilities. So I have to run 2 apps, one for each. It would be great if you had it where you could add another person, and have the ability to toggle between the two! Otherwise it’s great! Also enjoy the learn section. We are most always omad fasting 20:4. Last night we actually did a 25 because we were busy at work! Both showing results on the scale. We started the first part of Oct, 2019

  • I have gone from an A1c of 12.5 to 6.0 on a combination of low carb and fasting. Who says stubborn is bad. :0)

  • Fast journal is a great idea, I use two apps for my weight loss and atm I’m on a 120 hours/5 days fast. I’m at the end of day 2 now and feel great but I can’t lie, I look forward to being able to munch again and my brain is forever trying to organise what’s for dinner 😂
    Doesn’t help I cook for my partner though and it especially helps being off work for a at home holiday week.

  • I am still trying to figure everything out with the app and realized I missed the chance to respond to all the questions I got on my last comment! I have lost 30 lbs since August with IF. I have NOT started up running again so I have not yet been exercising. I *try* to be consistent with 16/8 fasts, but I am not hard on myself if I end up just making the circadian (13 hours), which has happened maybe 3 times since starting. My app says I average 15 hours, and I do this everyday. It was an *easy-ish* switch in my eating to make because I have a tough time feeding myself three meals a day! What I DID notice when I started fasting is how much we put in our mouths during times we should be letting our body rest…the coffees with added flavors and sugar, the little snacks or bites throughout the day even when you think you aren’t eating a meal so it doesn’t really “count”. IF has made me disciplined during those windows so the only thing that I will consume is black coffee or water. I have tried many things but my body has just seemed to respond SO WELL to this in terms of losing weight.

    • How long did it take you to lose 30lbs? That’s my goal at the moment & it’s been 3 weeks on the 16:8 IF and the scale hasn’t moved but I’m seeing visible body changes

  • Anyone on here doing the 16:8 fasting that has lost weight? I’m Postpartum of 2 back to back pregnancies & have found fasting is what works best for me, scale hasn’t moved yet but I’m seeing positive body change. Goal is to lose 25lbs by July-August 2020

  • Hey there I love the new journal. However I wish there was a way we could look at a day over day. Some days of fasting are definitely easier than others and while I appreciate what day looks like it be nice to see wooden overall trend of 30 or even 90 days looks like..

  • Hi everyone!!

    I just downloaded the App and am starting (I think?) when I sleep tonight.

    So when I get up tomorrow…just water?

    Can someone direct me to the “Start here” documentation? lol!

    Sorry…new to this…


  • A few questions:
    All I consume during fasting is water and black coffee? Is this ok?
    Is tobacco bad during fasting? I know it’s bad in general but does it affect fasting?
    Is alcohol bad during feeding times?

  • I am starting a 3 day fast.. I last ate at 9.45pm tonight.. do I click the start fast as soon as I last ate tonight? I am not new to this! Thank you in advance!

  • It could be nice to see stages of fast on the fast circle. Like what’s going on with body after few first hours, after 10 hours and when it gets into keto stage or like it’s called.

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