Meet Zero Plus

Zero Plus is here, and we can’t wait for you to try out all of the new premium features your personal fasting coach has to offer. Complete with expert resources and custom fasting plans that evolve with you over time, you’ll be equipped with knowledge and motivation to stay on the fast track. Try a one-week free trial to see how these adaptive tools can help you fast forward to better health.

Custom Fasting Plans 

If you’ve ever wondered what fasting protocol is right for you, wonder no more! The Zero Plus Coach will set you up with a custom weekly fasting plan with check-ins and content to keep you on track. 

Premium Content

Cut through the noise with an exclusive, ever-growing library of videos, articles, audio segments, and Q&As from fasting experts like Dr. Peter Attia.

An Enhanced Fasting Experience

Master your fasts with advanced statistics, custom Fast Presets, an updated Fast Journal with responsive content suggestions, and an all-new timer with Fasting Zones. 

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