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Back in December, when I was thinking about 2023, I thought this might be the year I finally nailed down a Restoration habit. I’ve never had success with meditation, but some of the other restorative practices our science team has surfaced sound more appealing; I thought I might try them out in January.

Then, I moved.

When Routines Get Disrupted

If you’ve moved even once, you know: Trying to create a life in a new place is not easy. Basic needs can quickly become overwhelming — Where do I buy groceries? Where do I walk my dog?

My family’s move to Los Angeles went about as smoothly as a move can go, and yet it still threw a wrench into my habits. Typically, I’m a pretty solid three-Pillar guy; I close my Nutrition and Activity Pillars every day, and my Sleep has gotten more consistent over time. Yet in this very moment, my Zero Calendar shows that it’s been four days since I last exercised — the longest I’ve gone without zone 2 movement in two years.

Seeing Success in the Face of “Failure”

Am I happy about this slip-up? No. But I’m also not as anxious or devastated as my past self might have been. In fact, when I look at my Zero Calendar, I feel proud. Sure, my Activity Pillar is missing for the last four days, but I can see that my Nutrition Pillar is going strong. That sea of green reminds me that I am still committed to taking care of myself. Even during challenging life events, I’ve maintained my fasting habit and kept my health in balance.

This optimistic outlook is no accident. Our team at Zero intentionally designed the experience to help Members see and celebrate successes, even when things aren’t “perfect.” Identifying trends in your health habits gives you the power to improve them — and acknowledging the progress you’ve made can be just as powerful. Zero helped me see the break in my otherwise strong Activity habit. And instead of feeling defeated by this fact, I’m excited to go on a walk tomorrow and get my three-Pillar streak going again.

Find Your Foundation

Whether it’s eating nutritious meals, moving your body regularly, getting good sleep, or breaking patterns of chronic stress, you’re almost certainly doing something that’s good for your health. That is your foundation, and that is what Zero helps you build up.

Fasting has been foundational to my health ever since I discovered Zero. The same is true for many of our Members, and it’s why we encourage new Members to try fasting. It’s the one habit that sticks around and keeps us — myself included — at a healthy weight and off the slippery slope towards metabolic dysfunction.

Still, one healthy habit is just one healthy habit; it’s not enough to achieve Zero’s mission of extending the lifespan and healthspan of the human race, or even a single person. This is why we evolved Zero to go beyond fasting and integrate healthy habits around the Four Pillars of Health — Nutrition, Activity, Sleep, and Restoration. It’s why I know I need to get back to my daily walks and why I keep hoping that, someday, I’ll enjoy meditation (although this year I think I’m going to give physiological sighing a try). What’s comforting is that when you have a bedrock habit like fasting to fall back on, it lowers the stakes when you try to build a new one.

Whether it’s Nutrition, Activity, Sleep, or Restoration, I’d love to hear what habits you’re working on this year — and how Zero can help. Don’t hesitate to drop me a line or share feedback on the socials. Your input helps us make the app better for you.

Until next time,

Tom Conrad

CEO at Zero Longevity Science

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