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Zero Longevity Science Appoints Dr. Naomi Parrella as Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Parrella will apply her expertise as a clinician, educator, and communicator to further Zero’s mission of helping its Members live longer, better lives. Zero, the leading app for intermittent fasting and metabolic health, proudly announces the appointment of Dr. Naomi Parrella as its new Chief Medical Officer. As a distinguished physician and authority in…

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Meet Dr. Parrella, Zero’s Chief Medical Officer

As interviewed by Rich LaFountain, PhD We are thrilled to introduce Dr. Naomi Parrella as Zero’s Chief Medical Officer! Dr. Parrella is a renowned physician who has spent decades treating patients and educating both medical students and the broader public about obesity and metabolic health. Dr. Parrella spent her formative years in Japan before coming…

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Your First 3 Months with Zero: What to Expect

If you’re just getting started with Zero, welcome! By downloading the Zero app, you’ve just taken the first — and often the hardest — step towards burning fat, losing weight, and gaining health. You’ve committed. That said, it can be overwhelming to think of what you want to accomplish over multiple months. To set yourself…

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This TikTok Sensation Lost 26 Pounds in 3 Months with Zero

Max Freidin, best known by his social media handle @DeepDarkDreams, is a self-proclaimed grandpa on TikTok. He has 1.8 million followers, many of whom recently followed along as he embarked on a 3-month health transformation with Zero. In the following conversation, he shares his journey to losing 26 pounds in 3 months, why he chose…

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Tom’s January 2024 Update

There are a lot of “new year, new you” sentiments flying around right now, and I get it. I’ve spent many a January 1 resolving to transform myself in ways I am convinced will make me happier, more successful, and just better.  Yet most of my major life changes have occurred when I stumbled upon…

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Your First 28 Days with Zero: What to Expect

Zero is unlike any other weight-loss and health-gain intervention you’ve tried. No more diets, no more counting calories; just a simple approach to when to eat and when to fast. And with our straightforward, science-backed method, you’ll begin to see transformative changes to your health and well-being in only 28 days. After 28 Days with…

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The Foolproof Way to Burn Fat and Lose Weight (with Zero)

Weight loss is not easy. Most diets have a paltry 20% success rate, and that’s in the short term; the vast majority of people who succeed at losing weight gain it back. Zero, however, relies on something your body is already designed to do: Burn fat through intermittent fasting. This is a safe, foolproof, and…

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Is a 7-Day Fast Right for You? What to Consider

Fasting, in its many forms, has been practiced for centuries and offers a range of health benefits. While extended fasts of 3–7 days have been embraced by some people for their intense and deep cleansing effects on the body, there are inevitable challenges that come along with this practice.  During extended fasting, significant metabolic changes…

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