You Are What You Eat—Even While Sleeping

Written by Oura in partnership with Zero How you eat impacts how you sleep more than most people realize. Late night meals can affect the time it takes for you to fall asleep, your sleep efficiency, and how much REM or deep sleep you get. The reason is more evolution than strictly biology—it goes way…

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Smart Swaps for This Thanksgiving

Let’s be real, sometimes we just need to give ourselves permission to go ham on a plate of turkey. If there’s anytime it’s appropriate to indulge, it’s Thanksgiving. And why not? Food is delicious, it’s social, and even regular fasters need plenty of food to stay healthy: we need fat to replenish and rebuild our…

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Fasting and Magnesium

Why You Need Magnesium on a Fast

If there’s one piece of advice you’ve probably heard over and over again for fasting it’s this: take magnesium. But if you’re like most people, you probably have no idea what the magnesium’s doing in your body or why it’s important.

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The Spooky Side of Sugar

Most of our holidays in America are built around sugar. Birthday cake, Christmas cookies, spiced cider, you name it—a celebration treat is likely a sugary one. On October 31st, we literally send our children out into the night to demand sugar from strangers (while parents indulge on the leftovers). That’s why this year, we’re encouraging…

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The Physiology of Fasting

The simple truth is every body responds to fasting a little differently. Genetics, health, lifestyle…all these things play a part. But for a healthy person embarking on a fasting journey, there’s a general timeline of events—a predictable set of metabolic responses as your fast stretches from hours into days. We’re breaking down that timeline here….

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Breaking your Fast

If you’ve embarked upon one of the many varieties of fasts — where you take in little or no food for a stretch of time — at some point you’ll eventually need to break your fast and begin eating again.

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