Group Fast Before the Feast

Join us for a group fast before Thanksgiving!

At Zero, our community’s Thanksgiving menus are going to span the full spectrum of possibilities—traditional spreads, vegan dinners, keto pot lucks, and everything in between. Many of us will be relaxing our dietary rules for a few days and enjoying family, fun, and food. And why not? We spend so much time putting food (and lack thereof) to work for our health, it makes sense to take a few days to celebrate your hard work and enjoy yourself.

To prepare, we thought a fast before the feast would be beneficial. There are a few reasons for this:

  • To give our gut a little rest before putting it to work. 
  • To shift our mindset so when we do feast, we do so thoughtfully. 
  • To appreciate the delicious food even more.

We’ll be doing a 3-day group fast, led by Dr. Peter Attia, from Sunday night (the 24th) through Wednesday night (the 27th). Join us for all or part of the fast—the duration is up to you! We encourage you to partake for a duration that you feel comfortable with. Follow us on Instagram, and comment on our Fast Before the Feast post so we know you’re fasting with us.

Finally, check back here on our blog over the next few days—we’ll be posting articles about the best way to break your fast, smart swaps to lower the glycemic index of your Thanksgiving meal, and how to assemble the perfect plate on Turkey Day.

Happy Fasting (and Feeding), 

Team Zero


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