Join the Fast of July!

The second annual Fast of July is here! Join us for a group fast to celebrate summer and start July strong. We’ll be giving away prizes to lucky winners along the way (and of course a Fast of July badge). Here’s how to participate:

  • Complete a fast of any duration between the dates of July 1-8
  • Post about your fasting progress using the hashtag #FastOfJuly on the social media channel of your choice or in the comment section of this post
  • Share your email address with us below to let us know you’re participating

Check out videos and tips from our Fast of July co-hosts, Thomas DeLauer and Dr. Peter Attia. Let fasting ring!


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    • You can post about your fast on any social media channel of your choice using the hashtag #FastOfJuly, or you can share updates about your fasting progress here in the blog comments!

  • I’mean very excited to see how this week will pan out. My previous fasting experience was very successful but then lock down happened and I didn’t watch what I was eating 😐

  • I didn’t know that a July fast was coming up (just downloaded Zero last week), and I started a 96 hour fast a few days ago, on my own. 65 hours in, and I’m feeling good. Previous to this, I had done a couple of 72 hour fasts. The last one went so smoothly that I felt like I could keep going, but I had made some commitments that precluded a longer fast. So, I’m adding in another 24 hours this time.

    Good luck, everybody.

  • Starting July on a high note. Feeling motivated and ready to tackle this fasting challenge. Thanks Zero!

  • Zero has vastly improved my fasting progress! I’m down to 117 pounds and have done a few fasts that were longer than 24 hours (longest yet is >40 hours). That’s saying a lot, since a month ago just a 16 hour fast was a struggle for me. I love the Plus version because it has so many helpful resources! Thank you for providing such an awesome app and I will definitely be participating in this event!

  • Glad to have found the Zero app. I’m trying intermittent fasting for the first time! Today is day 5, and things are going better than I expected.


  • #fastofjuly Hi, this is my first fast – I’m going for 36h – I’m excited and determined !

  • Almost done 2 days of 16/8 fast! Going pretty well I wake up and have a little stomach growls going on but then I just drink water and iced black coffee and I can be just fine! Break my fast with a protein shake and then an hour or two later have a meal. So far so good

  • Ecstatic about fasting progress so far! Started a 4 hr fast which has grown to a 15 hr fast and counting. The app is working for me.

  • #FastofJuly Good luck everyone! Just started Zero last week and looking forward to a positive experience.

  • #fastofJuly
    Been eating only once every 24 hrs since July 1. A bit afraid of a longer fast but this site giving me the courage to try 48 hr. I love the support and encouragement

  • Just recently started fasting, about to hit 7 days of a fast streak! Hoping to keep this going! #FastOfJuly

  • I started 16/8 fasts 5th of May and going strong. 64 fast 1068.9 hours. Shared todays on Facebook #FastOfJuly

  • I’ve succesfully completed 16 hour fasts this month and today I’m currently on my first 36 Hour Fast!

  • I just got the badge today although I’m on a 180 day streak. That’s interesting. #FastofJuly

  • Started July with 49 consecutive fasts of 16+ hours (18.7 average). Felling better than ever at 49 years old, July is going to be a breeze!

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  • Hi,

    I knew you when there was no Zero only Peter Attia,MD spreading the word that assigning fault about diabetes might be a false but definitely unhelpful for creating health. I’ve been researching autophagy every since and how fasting can help me live longer and better. I’m fasting right now! It’s a prolonged fast. I just signed up for zero plus for a little extra help and info. I’m going for a four hour window 5 days a week. Thx for all the good stuff your giving out. I’m with you!

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