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We’re chatting with Zero users around the world to learn more about their unique experiences and to share their stories with the rest of the Zero community. Our first stop: Jamaica—home to LaRonda Robinson.

Great-grandmother of five and encourager of hundreds on social media, LaRonda knows all about the importance of positivity and human connection. She’s telling us about her fasting practice and what motivates her most on her health journey. Now, let’s get to know LaRonda.

What motivated you to begin your fasting practice?

In the past I’ve never had a healthy relationship with my body. I’ve gained and lost the same 100 pounds three times in my 66 years of life. It was torture for me and miserable for anyone I encountered. Every weight loss episode was a white-knuckle, jaw-grinding battle. I was hungry every waking moment which made me angry. There was no pleasure in my nutritional choices. Meals left me feeling cheated. I was eating the recommended low-fat, high carb diet—restricting both calories and enjoyment. Each time I gained back the weight, I felt less and less in control of who I was. Now, I feel like I am holding the key to my new life.

“I want to honor the future LaRonda. I want the 120 year-old LaRonda to be stronger, better nourished and better able to encourage others to take control of their health.”

We have 16 grandkids and 5 great-grands with another due in September. I want them to see me as a strong, vital presence in their lives for many years to come.

What is your ultimate fasting goal?

To regain the ability to hear my body’s messages about hunger and satiety.

Have you found there to be certain aspects of fasting that were particularly challenging? If so, how did you overcome those hurdles?

The recommended eating window of noon to 8pm wasn’t working for me. I gave myself permission to stay within the 16:8 regimen, but move my eating window to 6am-2pm.

Favorite fast: circadian, 16:8, 18:6, 20:4, 36 hour, or custom?

Started with custom fasts so I could gently work my way up to my current favorite, 16:8. I am now headed towards a 17:7 with an end of year goal of consistent 18:6.

What other lifestyle choices do you combine with fasting as part of your health regimen — certain diet choices, exercise, meditation, etc.?

Most days I achieve 30 active minutes in a fasted state. I’m tracking food intake using My Fitness Pal. It helps to be able to see how my nutritional choices impact my macros. Carb intake has reduced from over 300 gr/day to between 50–100 gr/day, those coming from dark leafy greens, sweet potatoes, and nuts. I’m also committed to increasing my sleep quality and quantity.

What’s your number one post-fast food?

Coffee with a rotating choice of MCT oil powder, unsalted butter, coconut milk, or heavy cream with Stevia in the raw.

Favorite Zero feature?

The ability to choose the fast length I feel capable of completing, while allowing me to extend the fast, if I am able.

If you could wave your magic Zero wand, what’s the one feature you would add?

The ability to connect with Zero community members within the app, without having to endure Facebook.

LaRonda cheering on fellow Zero users on Twitter

You’ve made lots of connections with other Zero users (especially on social media). Tell us a little bit about what inspires you to reach out and encourage others in their fasting practice.

I want to be an encourager. I delight in the joy of showing others that a GreatGranMa can reshape herself at 66 years of age without the hunger battles. I want to share the hope I’m now feeling with anyone who is willing to hear.

Why does fasting work for you?

Now when I go to sleep, I’ve already fasted 6–7 hours. I sleep better, waking with greater energy. My sugar cravings and gnawing hunger pains have gone away. I can lovingly nourish my body with real food that satisfies my hunger and meets my nutritional needs. And the numbers on the scales are now reducing instead of increasing like before fasting.

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