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Say hello to this month’s Zero Hero, Marguerite Palombella. A long-time Zero community member, she balances work, motherhood, a ketogenic diet, and a 23:1 fasting routine…phew! Her stance is ‘zero excuses’ when it comes to prioritizing her health and wellness goals—whether she’s pushing her kids in the stroller to get her steps in or strategically planning her eating window around a workout, she knows the importance of making healthy decisions in favor of easy ones. 

We recently sat down with Marguerite to learn how she worked her way up to a 23:1 fasting routine and what motivated her along the way.   

“When I found Zero, I was already doing keto and used to eating fewer meals throughout the day, similar to the 16:8. My main focus with the app was getting from 16:8 to 23:1 fasting routine.”

And not only did Marguerite accomplish that goal over a year ago, but she did it in a single month. 

“I wanted to lose weight, and I wanted to feel better. I was incredibly motivated and that’s why I transitioned in one month.”

In one short month, Marguerite made a commitment she now considers “life-changing.” Utilizing Zero, she was able to continue working toward healthy weight loss goals while also working full-time and spending quality time with her 4-year-old and soon-to-be 2-year-old. After giving birth to her youngest child, Marguerite set out to lose some of the weight she gained during pregnancy with the help of intermittent fasting. Now, after a year of following her 23:1 fasting routine, Marguerite is down over 50 pounds and maintains a healthy lifestyle she finds sustainable, yet enjoyable. 

“My former weight isn’t what I’m striving for. I’m where I want to be, just a lot more toned and maintaining it. I don’t foresee myself going off one meal a day because I truly enjoy it. Not all women bounce back to where they were pre-pregnancy. But it’s possible to make the changes to get back to a healthy you. Just give yourself time and surround yourself with positivity. Focus on yourself.

Focusing on self-love and self-care is a huge part of Marguerite’s lifestyle. She found that fasting helped her enjoy food so much more while also losing weight the healthy way as opposed to dramatic diets or surgery. She’s been able to make her weight loss more sustainable by weaving health and wellness into her daily life. From working out after the kids are asleep, to bringing the whole family along in a tandem stroller for her daily 5km walks, Marguerite is a testament to making it happen. 

“Anything is possible. You can make anything work. Try to focus on yourself. Give yourself an hour of the day and just don’t give up.”

Whether it’s an hour at the gym or a walk around the neighborhood, making time to feel good about yourself is vital for long-term success like Marguerite’s. She is well-known for shedding pounds through her 23:1 fasting routine, but she’s also seen benefits that go much deeper than the surface.

“I’m able to focus a lot better. I’m not worried about eating or snacking and I’m able to focus on my entire day with something to look forward to. I’m also sleeping shorter, but better and waking up a lot more rested.”

In addition to the mental benefits, Marguerite has found a newfound appreciation for being able to zero in on optimizing her food choices.

“A lot of foods would cause a lot of bloating or stomach pains. Before, I couldn’t narrow down what was triggering the pain. Now, I’ve learned what I can and can’t have—including dairy. I’ve never felt better.”

Overall, Marguerite’s approach to nutrition, wellness, and family time is about being kind to herself and listening to her needs. Where she formerly had an “all-or-nothing” approach to losing weight and achieving her goals, she’s now found a holistic way to incorporate all the things she loves in her daily routine, without compromising what she wants to achieve. Now, when she has a day where she needs to change her schedule or falls off- track, she simply gives herself grace and permission to learn and move forward. 

“There’s a lot of times I’ve failed, but you have to get back up and make yourself a priority. Once you’ve made yourself a priority, everything just falls into place.”

We’re all human and have to take each day in stride. Her advice to make things easier?

“Surround yourself with people who inspire you and eliminate the negative.” 

As you work toward your personal goals, we hope you’ll keep Marguerite’s story in mind. It doesn’t happen overnight, and it isn’t always easy, but as long as you’re living each day to better yourself, you’re doing enough.  


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  • I love this story. Congratulations to Marguerite! What an inspiring story. It helps me on my journey so much! I love Zero and the Community. I don’t feel alone in my quest to get in shape and lose weight even at 77 years old. It’s wonderful the impact you are making on lives.
    Thank You
    Kathleen Stringer

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