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We’ve just gone live with our latest release of Zero for iOS, version 3.0.6, and it’s got some great features to keep you on track with your goals. We know how important it is to stay motivated when you’re just starting to build the habit of fasting — these new features should help. We’ve received hundreds of suggestions from people like you that inspired some of these additions. We hope you’ll love them!

What’s New?

There are a few ways the latest Zero app update helps to keep you motivated:

Badges, badges, badges!

Who doesn’t like getting a gold star? With the new badges feature, the Zero app will recognize you when you achieve fasting milestones such as hitting a certain number of fasts logged or extending your fasting streak. The best part? We’ll be introducing new badge types as we go, so there’s always incentive to reach new milestones.

Going green

Reaching your fast goal is a moment to celebrate! You’ve just done something great for your health, and we want you to feel rewarded. Back by popular demand, with this latest update your timer ring will turn green when you reach your goal. Simple, but we hope it’ll help you feel a bit more pumped up.

New social share graphic

Fasting is easier when you get support from others. That’s why we’ve updated the social share graphic to make it more compelling to share with your friends. Let them know about your progress so they can cheer you on.

And some other small tweaks

In addition to these great new motivational features, we’ve also made some small changes to make the Zero experience better, including:

  • Changing your fast goal directly from the timer screen
  • Increasing the maximum custom fast length from five to seven days
  • Emails to remind you to fast and keep you up to date on your stats. You can opt-out in the app if you’d rather not receive these.
  • Logging weight with a decimal point using a non-US keyboard
  • Showing your elapsed time as the primary timer stat, even when you exceed your goal

Thank you so much to everyone in the community for suggesting great feature ideas, improvements, and pointing out annoying bugs. Everyone on the team is so grateful for how engaged everyone is in the Zero community—keep your feedback coming.

And as always, stay tuned for future updates…especially our friends on Android. We’ll be bringing these features to you soon. Happy fasting, all!


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  • I was doing great until I went on vacation! The first 3 days were fine keeping up with fasting yet as time went on it got more difficult. Now I’m home have been struggling to get my rhythm back- any suggestions?

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