Zero Longevity Science Appoints Dr. Naomi Parrella as Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Parrella will apply her expertise as a clinician, educator, and communicator to further Zero’s mission of helping its Members live longer, better lives.

Zero, the leading app for intermittent fasting and metabolic health, proudly announces the appointment of Dr. Naomi Parrella as its new Chief Medical Officer. As a distinguished physician and authority in weight-loss and lifestyle medicine, Dr. Parrella will bring her extensive expertise to Zero’s mission of extending the lifespan and healthspan of the human race.

Dr. Parrella has directly treated more than 10,000 patients struggling with overweight, obesity, and other metabolic-health conditions. She currently serves as the Medical Director of the Rush Center for Weight Loss and Lifestyle Medicine, where she and her team help patients lose tens of thousands of pounds each year. She is also the Director of Strategy and Implementation for the Department of Surgery and an Associate Professor at Rush University. In addition to working directly with patients in her medical practice, Dr. Parrella is a highly sought-after speaker and expert consultant collaborating with organizations including the NFL, United Airlines, and Google.

“We are thrilled to welcome Dr. Parrella to our team,” said Tom Conrad, CEO of Zero. “Her experience helping tens of thousands of patients in her clinics and passion for lifestyle change as a means to improve health make her a perfect addition to the Zero leadership team and ambassador to our community.”

Dr. Parrella will apply her expertise as a clinician, educator, and communicator to further Zero’s mission of helping Members live longer, better lives. She’ll reach Zero’s ever-expanding community with knowledge honed through years of providing holistic care in her medical practices.

“I’ve been recommending Zero to my patients for years as a way to simplify the path and accelerate progress. I’m thrilled to combine my applied, real-world experience with Zero’s unique ability to change habit patterns at scale and give anybody in the world access to tools that can transform their health and  help them live longer,” says Dr. Parrella. “Working directly with Zero is an extraordinary opportunity to change millions of lives.”

Together, Zero and Dr. Parrella are excited to advance the frontier of metabolic health and longevity.

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About Zero

Zero is the world’s most popular app for fasting and metabolic health, dedicated to helping people live better, longer lives. The app has been instrumental in helping its Members lose millions of pounds, reverse diseases, and unlock more energy by building sustainable, science-backed habits.

About Naomi Parrella

Dr. Naomi Parrella is the Chief Medical Officer of Zero and the Chief of Lifestyle Medicine at Rush University. She is an accomplished obesity-medicine physician and a sought-after speaker on the topics of metabolic health and lifestyle change. She leads seven clinics in the Chicagoland area and has helped over 10,000 patients move towards their health goals.

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