Zero to One (Million)

A little over two years into our journey of creating a simpler way to bring fasting into your daily lives, Zero has crossed a milestone of one million downloads in the the App Store. We wanted to take this moment to pause and thank you, our community, for being the reason we’ve become the #1 fasting app in the App Store.

Reading through the thousands of user reviews, support emails, and Twitter feedback, we’re humbled and motivated. So many of you have transformed your lives with the assistance of Zero by losing excess pounds (in some cases as much as 100!), gained mental sharpness during the workday, improved your blood markers, and taken more control over your relationship with food.

Even though we’re two years in, we consider this just the beginning of our efforts and are continuing to work hard to make using Zero more robust and at the same time retain the simplicity you love. We’re working on some big updates that we hope will address much of your feedback (more on this soon).

Fun Facts about You

We’ve learned a lot from the vast amounts of data generated by your use of the product, and thought we’d take a minute to share some of the highlights.

First off, we’re blown away by the sheer number of fasts you’ve completed. Since we’ve started tracking this stat at the beginning of January 2017, you’ve logged over 15 millions fasts!

Zero Daily Completed Fasts form January 1, 2017 —November 26, 2018

When zooming in on the data, a few other interesting, if not intuitive observations come to light:

  • We see a huge spike of activity in January as many of us resolve to focus on a healthy start for the new year.
  • Tuesdays see the most fasts completed, and Sundays the least. Makes total sense as the weekends see many of you taking a break and getting back into gear at the beginning of the week.

In terms of where you live and a bit more about who you are:

  • In descending order of most user sessions, you access Zero from the US, UK, Canada, Australia, The Phillippines, Germany, Malaysia and New Zealand. We get lots of requests to localize Zero in other languages which we’ll be tackling in the new year.
  • In descending order of iPhone model popularity you access Zero on, it goes 7, X, 7 Plus, 8 Plus, 6s, 8, 6, 6s Plus, XS Max, XS. We expect the new models to gain ground rather quickly in the next several weeks.
  • From an age and gender standpoint, you look like this:
Zero Age & Gender Statistics from Past 30 Days

We’ll share more insights down the road, particularly once we roll out some of the updates we’ve been working on.

From everybody here at Zero, thank you for making us a part of your health regimen. Your persistence and discipline is what keeps us excited to bring you more goodness.

Make sure to follow us on Twitter for all the latest updates, leave a comment below if you have any thoughts for us, and if you’re loving the app we’d really appreciate a review in the App Store.

Fast on,

Mike Maser, CEO, Zero

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