Preparing for a Fast

After reading all about the excellent benefits that fasting provides, you’re finally ready to try it out yourself. You could gobble down all the junk food you anticipate you won’t be eating for your fasting window, but it’s better to prepare your body for optimum success even before you begin fasting. The magic of fasting happens when your body…

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Breaking your Fast

If you’ve embarked upon one of the many varieties of fasts — where you take in little or no food for a stretch of time — at some point you’ll eventually need to break your fast and begin eating again.

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Fast Your Way to Autophagy

Fasting — where you restrict taking in calories for an extended period of time—appears to bring with it some pretty remarkable health benefits. These include weight loss, changes to risk factors for diabetes and heart disease, and longer life. Researchers have been trying to get to the bottom of why fasting is linked to longevity…

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