Celebrate National 16:8 Day

The second annual National 16:8 Day is right around the corner! In case you missed it last year, we’ve declared August 16th an official holiday for our most popular time-restricted feeding plan: a 16:8 TRF.

So join us for a 16:8 on 8/16. Here’s how:

  • Start your timer after your last meal on Saturday, August 15 
  • Fast for 16 hours (yes, hours asleep count!) 
  • Complete your fast on Sunday, August 16

Everyone who joins will be entered for a chance to win prizes like a 1-year Zero Plus subscription or an awesome Zero t-shirt, and all participants will close out the fast with an exclusive Zero badge.

Comment to let us know you’ll be joining, and get ready to start your timers this weekend!


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