Coffee vs. Green Tea

Sipping on your morning beverage? Here’s what you need to know about the respective benefits of having coffee or green tea during your fast.

☕️ Black Coffee: a fasting favorite for many. Known to help reduce hunger and increase energy, sipping on a cup of joe is a no-brainer for lots of Zero fasters. A lesser known fact is that coffee contains chlorogenic acid, an enzyme that promotes fat burning. However, nothing is perfect, and coffee may cause reflux for those with heartburn or GERD.

🍵 Green Tea: steeped in fasting benefits, this beverage has lots of catechins, specifically EGCG, which provides antioxidants and helps liberate stored forms of fuel. Sipping on green tea during a fast will also help reduce hunger while giving a mild energy boost. Check out more from Thomas DeLauer on why green tea might be a game-changer for your next fast.

Since both beverages contain caffeine, it’s important not to consume them too late in the day, as quality of sleep could be impacted. (And we all know the importance of a good night of 💤)

So which are you—team ☕️ or team 🍵? Let us know in the comments!


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  • I love both 🙂 . If I should then choose between coffe or green tea …. long pause 🙂 …. I will choose green tea ♥

  • Just finished another 36 hour fast and my go to morning cuppa is black coffee (about 4 cups actually) and I did notice that I had heart burn last night so it’s interesting to read that coffee can cause this. Next time I will try and Green Tea but I am not so keen on the taste. Wish me luck!

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