Fasting and COVID-19 AMA

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Knowledge is power—especially in times of uncertainty. And while updates are constantly emerging related to COVID-19, I want to share everything our team has learned so far with you. Which is why I’m sitting down with our Dr. Peter Attia, to answer questions related to your fasting practice and COVID-19. 

We’ll be taking your questions through end-of-day this Saturday, and my ask-me-anything with Dr. Attia will go live in the Zero app next week. Share your questions in the comments of this post, and we’ll work to address as many themes as possible. 

As always, the health of the Zero community—and all others—is incredibly important to the Big Sky Health team. Let’s arm ourselves with knowledge, clean hands, and some social distance in the coming weeks. 

Stay safe and well, 

Mike Maser

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  • Should High Intensity exercises or weight lifting be avoided for the time being while doing fasts longer than 14 hours?

    • Perhaps if you are adjusting to fasting.
      I usually do this before I fast, in the morning:

      – 5k or 10k run (8am), distancd depends on training schedule
      – Yoga (45 mins to an hour) before or at boon
      – Climb or weight lift for 1hr 45mins

      Then around 2pm I break my fast with a protein shake, and then about an hour later I have my first meal.

      Then I try to have my last meal between 7pm to 8pm, sometimes I end up eating around 10pm because life happens.

    • It is no different than any other virus, so you can “catch” the virus again. You body will just have better immunity than the first exposure.

    • I would say the answer is no unless it’s a different strain as typically speaking one develops antibodies once your body conquers a particular strain.

      • Except for the bus driver in Japan who tested positive, then negative, then got sick again and tested positive. It’s also hitting kids harder than it did originally. So there’s that.

      • Yes but the bus driver case is being thought of By experts as a result of faulty testing. In other words, he had it all along. That’s the thought, based on their knowledge of his viruses behave. They don’t see much difference in the make/up of the virus to assume it would not provide some temporary immunity at least. They have no cause to believe it will mutate unrecognizably but rather will slowly mutate over time, like the flu. So that once there is a vaccine, it would be adjusted slightly every year or two. We’re all still learning, hopefully they are right in their educated predictions.

      • So all the flu strains combined, less than one percent of the people who get it end up passing away. However, with this one strain of coronavirus about four percent that contract it are passing away from it. So big difference, bad stats.

  • Hi, I’m new to the fasting world and have been doing in for just over 1 week. So far I feel really good. I’m doing the 16/8 fast. Sometimes my work hours change bad by the time I have dinner it’s outside my 8 hour window. Just wondering what component is more important …. eating my days food within the 8 hour window or sticking to the 16 hour fast ?

      • I don’t think it’s bad as long as you are eating what your body needs during your feeding window.

    • The 16 hours of fasting is what matters, not the 8 hours of eating. Your body will burn fat while fasting, no matter how many hours you spent eating prior to fasting.

    • Certainly,Sticking to 16hours fast.

      I eat two times a day in that eating window of 8hrs(16:8)/6hrs(18:6). So it’s all about not letting your insulin spike up.

      If you’re doing IM for loosing weight,then please be under your maintenance calories.

      Thank you

  • Hi there,

    Just wondering if there is any evidence of fasting compromising or depleting the immune response. I guess I’m imagining it could in a similar way to over exercise or a heavy night’s drinking?

  • Would like to ask about COVID-19 and affect on pregnancy. Evidence suggests there is no risk and infants delivered by infected mothers were born full term and had no complications. I am sure a lot of mothers are worried out there and it would be nice to elaborate on that note if possible 🙂

    • Protein for healing. Very important.
      There are good carbs for function…potatoes, coconut water etc. You can google about these.

    • No one has immunity. Anyone can get Covid-19. Not everyone will have severe symptoms. Most importantly is to wash your hands a lot and to pay attention if you get a high fever and or cough. This virus attracts the lungs.

  • What times of the day would you recommend to fast? I struggle with setting times but currently I’m doing 8pm to 12pm, usually the times I’m in bed and getting up and ready for the day.

    • It’s healthy for the body to not eat after about 6 pm so you are not sleeping with food in your stomach and most of your digestive processes are complete before sleep. I fast from 2pm-8am. Then I do celery juice, wait 30 minutes and eat breakfast around 9am. It works for me. But you have to choose based on YOU.

  • Is it safe to go for a walk outside during the day? Is running at 4 or 5 am outside safe or will the cold air preserve the virus?

  • Does intermitten fasting work only if you practice it every single day? I am doing 16:8 fasting and there are times when I can’t fast for 16 hours straight. Two days per week, for example? If I fast 16 hours for five days a week and maybe fast for 12 hours for the remaining two days, would it still be effective?

    • I think if you do an extended fast,it shouldn’t. And as long as you don’t include fiber if ginger and pulp of lemon. That’s why teas isn’t breaking the fast. Hope it makes sense.🙂

    • I am interested in whether or not taking BCAA supplements such as L-Theanine or Glycine might inhibit the production of HGH during a fast. Please can you comment on this?


    • Well, this depends on the goal of your fast.
      For blood sugar balance this may not be a problem that’s is why bulletproof coffee and fats are allowed when this is your goal.
      For autophagy, on the other hand, the fast must be water only I believe bone broth is also ok.
      Hope this helps!

      • Hi Sol,

        Thanks for the reply.

        Generally, it seems the consensus is that, for example, green tea does not break a fast. However green tea contains the amino acid l-theanine, so I believe if the goal is autophagy then that must be also be something to avoid.

    • Yes to both as quite by Dr Jason Fung the complete guide to fasting. It will stimulate a surge in the insulin either from the Stevia which is a sweetener and also the lemon which is sugar

    • If you want to totally clean fast you should only have unflavoured water black tea or black coffe or green tea.

      • Hi Isaballe,

        I see this comment often, but in most places I’ve read that the amino acid L-Theanine found in green tea would not be totally clean and WOULD break an autophagy fast.

        So I’m confused. I hope the zero guys can clear this one up!


  • What is the ideal diet to have during the lockdown period.

    And 😅

    What is the best diet overall?
    Is veganism over hyped or does it have scientific standing. Which diet should I follow if I can’t have dairy?

    • This^^^or any virus/flu/cold really. I wondered if it could help speed up recovery and your ability to fight the virus.

  • What documents/lab reports can be shown to people not believing or not taking the virus seriously enough. I literally have a dozen of friends who believe to be a global fake project in order to vaccinate a lot of people or make money selling masks.

  • Peter, I am in quarantine thanks to an outbreak in my building. Is now an optimal time to be like “eff it, I’m’a have a fortnight-long cheat day”?

  • What does it mean if my glucose levels are high – 170 – even after a 36 hr fast?

    Should I be happy my stored up glycogen is getting released? Or that something is wrong with me?

  • Fasting for more than 48 or 72 hours makes us so hungry.. but does immunity come down and make us more prone to infections? Especially those who are new to fasting or have done only few fastings. Stems cell production might be there with fasting but does immunity really go up or down?

  • I am 45 years old. I am following 20:4 intermittent. Should I continue or stop due to spread of Corona

    • Continue. But consult a medical professional if necessary. I’m 51 and continuing my fasting. Life goes on.

  • Can I drink lemon/turmeric and take vitamin C tablets during 7 day water fast? And will doing so can help me keep my immunity strong?

  • In the 16:8 fasting, can I eat carbs in the 8 hour period. I also go for a 45 min mild walk. Will this help in weight loss.

    • To loose weight the total calories intake need to be less than what you spend. Does not matter if its carbs, proteins or fats (good). Have in mind carbs intake will spike insulin and you will feel hungry plus you will absorve more. Never combine carbs with fat

  • does fasting makes you more prone to catch a virus. i have heard how fasting can strengthen your immune system from bacterias and such things, but more open to catching viruses. how true is this and what’s the relation between the two? will fasting make me more open to catching a virus like corona or any other kinda virus?

  • I’m fasting for about 21 hours a day and opening the fast on keto with protein,veggies and healthy fats. I eat one meal a day and don’t snack. However I am not losing any weight. Why is this happening?

  • How is it important for a person who has diabetes, asthma and parkinsn to fast? And how many hours should he fast?
    Notice that he is only 26 years old

  • -Which fasting methodology improves the immunity and whole immune system optimally so that we can protect ourselves from the risk of getting caught to diseases?
    -Can fasting improve the recovery time from diseases?
    -What are the general benefits of fasting for organs such as lungs, liver, intestine, etc?

  • I cant stop eating sweets in the morning ,but usually i start fasting at 7:00Pm till 11:00 am any advices please

    • Eating sweets in the morning when your body in craving is one of the worst things (my opinion). Sweets are loaded of sugar and your body will colect them contributing to weight gain.

      Check keto diet

  • What is your opinion regarding acquired immunity after recovery from covid-19? Also what do you think about herd immunity in this case?

  • If i am underweight but not too much , can i still go with fasting ? And is there anyway that i can fast without losing weight ?

    • Your caloric intake needs to be higher than what you spend. If you want muscle, have more protein with carbs or protein with good fats. If you just want more fat, have carbs with fats

  • I want to do my 21 day water fast Is it okay ?
    Also whenever I do an extended water fast I get very insecure about my breath. I do drink green tea but I wonder if I can have halls or gum ? If yes what kind would you recommend? If not what can I do to prevent this problem? I don’t want to affect my social relationships negatively because of that.

  • Hello Dr.

    I’ve been IF for long now, but started ADF last week and I can see much better results. Should I continue with 36-40 hour fasting during te CoVid-19 outbreak or can I continue, because it won’t affect my immune system.

    Thank you kindly.

  • Been fasting for 25 days now.
    16 hour fasts and I’m loving it. It can easily become a life style for me. I feel lighter and less bloated.
    I’m vegan and would love to know what advice you have, I read that it is advisable to do less hours nowadays in corona times. But I honestly feel good and don’t wish for that feeling to change.
    Thank you. Your advice will be taken with appreciation 🙏🏻

  • Hello, is fasting 36:12 continuously recommended/allowed during the COVID-19 situation?
    I feel like 18:6 or 20:4 is too easy for me, my body has just started to get used to 36 hr fasting pattern. I feel good physically and emotionally.
    PS -im vegetarian if that makes any difference.
    Thank you!!

  • I can imagine that longer fasting is not a good idea for prevention, but what if you caught the virus? Is fasting full on a good idea then?

  • For someone who hasn’t tried fasting before, is it worth getting into to strengthen their immune system? Obviously not prolonged fasting, but time restricted eating or intermittent fasting.

  • How can I take care of my mouth hygiege during the fasting? As what I heard the toothpaste breaks the fast.

  • Hello from Paris, France!
    Just wanted to say thank you for this app! I started using it in December and fasting has helped in countless way since the mandatory confinement a few days ago. (Less stress, better sleeping,etc) Thanks again for the work you do and stay safe!

  • Is a 48 hour fast of any benefit in the mean time ? If this is the border to avoid any Impact on immunity

  • Is a fruit/vegetable smoothie with only does ingredients + water, fully blended, something that breaks a fast if you fast for weight lost? (No yoghurt or granola or something like that added)

    • Yes. Smoothies contain sugar and calories. Enjoy your fast like a monk would. Stay hydrated with water, no additives. Discipline!

  • Hello, I am a on and off faster and every time I get back to fasting I feel a slight drop in my immune system. Is it smart to fast during a pandemic like this?

    • If you’re feeling a little light-headed or weak, if may be due to a shortage of electrolytes. There are articles here about the necessity of potassium, sodium, etc. Beyond that, consult a medical professional if you have underlying health issues.

  • I’ve heard that you should feed a virus and starve a bacteria. If you get sick with covid, would it be better to stop fasting? Or bring it down to 12h?

  • How should one fast during prolonged aama removal process for autoimmune conditions? Are there any general guidelines or recommendations for the same?

  • Hi, is there any thoughts on the absolute optimum length of time for fasting to keep as healthy as possible please? I currently do 18:6 for 5 days a week, then 12 hours on a weekend. I am within my normal BMI so it is for maintenance and health reasons. Many thanks, Anne

  • I don’t know if I understand correctly, at this moment prolonged fasting is not recommended but only 16/8 is it right?

  • If I got and recovered from the Virus once, can I get infected again?
    Am I still contagious after I recovered?

  • I would like to know how exactly fasting helps immune system, makes it stronger (or why overeating makes it weaker)
    Thank you

  • Have been pursuing 16/8 for the past 59 days + running + spinning + karate + skiing. Have not lost more than 1kg. What am I missing?

  • does fasting for long periods of time weaken your immune system causing your body to be too weak to fight off the coronavirus ?

  • Hi Mark and Peter, I have 2 questions.

    1. If you have a cold (eg. sore throat), what is the best fasting practice? I was doing omad, but now I changed to 18-6 for added nutrition.

    2. When breaking your fast while having a cold, what are the best foods to help one’s immunity and to help get over that cold sooner? I am eating healthy fruits, vegetables, but what are your go-to foods in your experience that help?


  • Hi,
    Hope you’re doing well.

    I have been continuing my 20hr fast with a gallon of water a day with a healthy portion of vegetables and meat. Is it ok to continue the fast during this pandemic ?

    Thank you


    • Also I just want to extend, I put 2 slices of lemon in my water bottle for overnight and drink it daily in the morning, is that ok to do ?

  • Does fasting increase your immunity? If I start to feel unwell should I stop fasting or try and continue to keep immunity high. Thanks

  • Does Fasting for a 16hr to 20hrs on a daily basis help to keep me to keep the virus at bay or help to keep the virus to not survive for longer periods of time?

  • Does fasting reduce the chances of contracting respiratory illnesses?

    Does fasting reduce the symptoms of Covid 19?

    Can we fast during a high fever?

    What are the implications of eating normally through illnesses such as covid 19?

  • Does fasting kill the COVID19?
    Should we enter autophagy to kill these viruses and if so, how do we enter autophagy state?
    Please share us your wisdom!

  • I am an avid listener of the Drive, as well as other podcasts that relate to fasting and health, and one thing I’ve heard is that fasting is beneficial to the immune system. I noted in your previous update that cortisol release may counter this. Is that the case only for longer term fasting, or is the immune system also affected in this way for fasts under 24 hours? It is counter-intuitive to me that the body would release a hormone that would affect it’s own immune system in a negative way and therefore potentially result in a lower resistance to SARS CV2 (in this case)?

  • I practice one-meal-a-day most days, with my minimum fasting cycle being a 16:8 on the days I feel I need more sustinance.

    When I eat, I do so with a very clean, plant-based diet based on Dr. Greger’s books: How Not to Die and the How Not to Die Cookbook, and his ‘daily dozen’ principle.

    I also keep active.

    My hope is to reach a state of autophagy as often as possible with the goals of health and longevity.

    Does my current lifestyle support a healthy and strong immune system? Is there anything else I can do to bolster my immune system further?

    Thank you

  • If one gets infected by the virus, will a water fast (over 72hrs to reach autophagy) help? Animals fast when ill or injured and presumably letting the body fight or the virus (once the first 72hrs or fast are past) without overburdening the system with food is as good a measure as many out there (if not the best at this time)? Thank you.

  • I’ve started fasting again to lose weight but also as a way of stretching food supplies. I’ve also got an order of supplements on the way so I don’t lose any nutrients. What other measures should I take to ensure I remain healthy to avoid contracting any illness? I live on a small island and we are running out of local produce quickly.

  • Can I continue to fast even with the pandémie of covid?
    And when I drink a tea or coffee it don’t break my fast ?
    Take care of tou

  • I am finding it hard right now to fast. I was going into my third week of 16hr (4 days ) and 22 (3 days) a week and was feeling a little disappointed as i only had lost 2lb. Work have now cut back on my hours and I am worrying how to pay my bills.
    I just can’t get my mind back on track. I feel down so i am turning to food . What advice can you give me to get back on track.

  • Here in India most of the coffee powder you get is mixed with “chicory” does chicory breaks your fast? Or should I take 100% pure arabica coffee?

  • What is your opinion on aerosol transmission? Can one get infected by breathing contaminated air for example in a supermarket? Can one get infected by speaking to an infected person from a 2 meter distance?

  • Though we are still in the early stages of Corona, do you have any thoughts on how our views and behaviours will change with respect to global food consumption post-Corona?

  • Covid-19 is messing with my fasting routine. Should I stick to an easier one? What about the 36-hour-fast, how can we make it possible while staying at home, with people eating around us and plenty of food in the kitchen?

  • How to practice myself on fasting for prolonged time especially after a cheat meal🙈 i cant fast for 16 hrs only however from last month i was fasting for 4 days but now i can’t after this cheat meal what can i do ?

  • Hi doctor attia,

    Hope you’re well. I’m planning an extended during my period of self isolation, do you have any recommendations for exercise during this period that are suited to fasting & isolation.


  • Should you eat a low carb diet with a viral infection? Studies found starving infected mice of glucose lead to sepsis and death.

  • Hijacking the Supplies: Metabolism as a Novel Facet of Virus-Host Interaction
    Front. Immunol., 03 July 2019 |

    Hi Peter. I don’t know if already talked or saw about this. Maybe the study is relevant for this situation. What would be the implications about Coronavírus specifically? Trying to short supply the preferred fuel to diminish the replication if you are infected to maybe diminish the severity of the case? Ketogenic Diet?

  • Which fasting protocol do you recommend for a better mood stabilization? Thank you very much for all your support.

    • Hi

      I once read that fasting helps any kind of healing process against any illness because instead of energy being used up for digestion and all kinds of consumed food processess in the body, it focuses more on boosting cytosis or cell regeneration. How scientifically true is this?

  • I have a question. I live in NH. I’m hearing we might be headed to a shelter in place order. If this happens will food manufacturing plants be exempt?

  • Hi, I’m 31 and healthy, as I use a smart watch I am getting some signals of illness (lower beat-to-beat interval etc.) This has been going on for a week now but I have no fevers or caught but I do feel a bit weak. I’m only doing very light yoga and keeping my 12 or 16 H fasts. I’m wondering for people in this particular case who think they might be on a verge of something or who are worried they might have it but only very veyr lightly what should they do? Is it better to stope exercises full stop fir a while and further adjusted the diet? Or would additionally supplementation with vit D or dube daily ise of zinc help one get back to full health?
    Thank you!

  • I do a 23 hour fast (one meal a day), low calorie vegan with a bunch of supplements, for weight loss. Do I need to modify this in order to decrease my chances of getting the virus? I am a healthcare worker (medical resident) and will be in the hospital and likely exposed at some point.

  • Hello,
    I have been doing an 18/6 fast fir the past several months, 5 days a week. Lately I have wanted some nourishment (even a small amount) before the 18 hours are up. What foods can you recommend that are easy on the system for a mini “break fast”?

  • I’m hearing conflicting information about C and D vitamins. Also, fasting as a way to reduce interaction with the GI system and outer environment… Maybe it’s worth not eating for a few days if it means less contact.

  • There was a study the Intermittent fasting helped avoid getting flu. Is there a reason to expect same with COVID?

  • Hello, I’m fasting as usual, but some days I struggle a lot, I’m under too much stress right now I have a small business and 15 families depend on us. I’m trying to eat healthy, but my mouth is now full of blisters and my lips are swollen, I don’t know if the stress is causing this or if I’m developing allergies, or if when you’re under too much stress your body reacts different to your regular food. What do you think?

  • Hi, I’m 25 years old. 200 cm tall. Which fasting routine should I do once a week for achieving autophagy? I’m really healthy and I have more muscle than fat.

  • I’ve been trying to fast while sleeping. I’ve been doing the 13 hr fast which I generally start around 10 pm since I end up eating dinner so late. So that generally takes me to 11 am which I sometimes go past till around 12 or 1. I’ve only been doing this for a few days so I haven’t noticed any differences but do you believe that this is an efficient way of fasting? Or are there more benefits to fasting during the day time when awake?

  • A study from Stanford confirms hydrochloroquine + azithromycin works. 100% of patients with COVID-19 were virologically cured after 6 days of treatment.

    p-value < 0.001

    Can you comment if this could be a game changer in the fight against COVID-19?

    • Stanford Medicine posted the following:
      Stanford Medicine was not involved in a widely circulating Google document or research paper suggesting that chloroquine is a potential treatment for COVID-19. Claims that we were involved are false. Please refer to this site for accurate information about COVID-19, and please consult a physician before taking any sort of prescription medication.

      PLEASE confirm sources before posting!

  • Thanks!

    Is it possible to get gut rest of you have had a cholecystectomy (gallbladder removal) while fasting? Considering you still have continuous of bile introduced to the digestive system?

    Also, I’ve heard so much about fasting with thrmyroid conditions, is a no-no. Is this true?

  • Wow. It’s so heartening to see similar topics to mine here. We’re not alone. I’m fasting to see if I can improve cognitive function. I’m RA negative but had many symptoms before adhering to Fodmap diet (now mostly in remission; rheumy doc agrees). I’m trying to find out if my Undifferentiated Connective Tissue disease puts me in a higher risk category for Covid, and if the fasting is helpful or harmful. Thanks! Otherwise I’m in good shape (ex-ultrarunner, good health, etc)

  • Are cells that are infected with virus “weakened” in any way? Could creating a nutrient scarce environment selectively kill cells with virus in them?

  • What are the affects or how do you think the virus would affect people with immune sensitivity and/or asthma? What if they work, should they take time off work?

  • Do you believe a 3 day fast can reset your immune system? Dr Longo has done a scientific studying on this. Any takes?

  • If someone was to be diagnosed with COVID-19 would you recommend fasting for them? Is there a preferred fasting cycle or time restrictive eating that is best for an Illness like this?

  • I have a Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and been on 16:8 IF. Is it bad for my liver to exercise during a fasted state, say in the morning when I wake up, because of NAFLD?

  • Is it safe to fast when you’re sick? I don’t have the covid19, but would like to know in case of ANY disease

  • Is it safe to do 36 hours fasting? Would it lower my defenses if by any chance I get infected with coronavirus?

  • 4 of the 5 COVID-19 comorbidities (CVD, diabetes, hypertension and cancer) that are associated with a higher mortality rate are all conditions that seem correlated to hyperinsulinemia. Is this a coincidence? Or do you think hyperinsulinemia makes COVID-19 more lethal?

  • Is exercising still recommended after a fast. What would be safe fasting time prior exercise e.g. 8, 16, 20, 36 hours?
    What kind of exercise would be safe? I usually do 20 to 45 minutes of different home workouts e.g. kettlebell, pushups, pull-ups, cardio, HIIT, dumbbells.
    When to stop fasting or if I need to stop fasting if I suspecting that I am developing an infection. What would be the best nutrition during an infection? Will I need more proteins to recover quicker? Any recommended supplements to prevent infection and developing respiratory complications e.g. vitamin C, D?

  • I am a dinner lover is it better to fast in the morning or evening. Or is it better to go for longer fasts?

  • Hi Dr. Attila,

    Does fasting at any length push your metabolism to the point that it could weaken your immune system? Or not allow you to fight off Virus or infection as easily?

    Thank you

  • First of all thanx Dr Peter for benefiting so many people including me with this App. I just wanted to know like which magnesium is good to take while fasting or in my open window as I m doing 20:4 everyday. There are several types of magnesium n I m confused, plz help.

  • Why are people not consulting their doctors? I’m doing what my doctor told me to. Easy enough. This includes diet and sticking with the usual fasting schedule.

  • What are the facts on transmission from things like deliver bags, shoes, and other things outside of your house or living space?

  • Hello I was wondering is it okay to do a 16/8 fast everyday? I have been doing it every day and when I tell people about it they respond that I should not do it daily since it may cause my body to store fat (starvation mode). Is this true?? Thank you in advance.

  • I have been mostly Keto and doing intermittent fasting for over a year. During that time I have not been sick in any way. Even before going Keto and doing IF I was fairly healthy, but I would catch an occasional cold or the flu.

    I have heard that viruses use glucose (not Ketones) as fuel will being in Ketosis help reduce the severity of catching COVID-19?

  • Instead of doing a long 36 hour fast every other day would it be beneficial to change to OMAD for a month or would there be no difference?

  • I’m doing 36 hour fasts 2-3 times per well. That’s not the kind of extended fasting you are recommending we avoid is it?

  • Hi, I have no clue if I have covid-19. I heard we will all get it? Do milder symptoms mean you have got it, then it goes way and you have built some immunity? How can you know if there’s no test?

  • How about tap water? What temperature destroys the virus? What could be added to the water to improve safety? Thanks so much for this incredible app!

  • I normally do a longer fast from Sunday to Tuesday( 36-40h), and fasting for 16-18h every day, but with the situation that’s happening with Corona Virus, and the need for our immune system to be stronger than ever, should i keep doing these long fasts as usual? or should i just stick to my regular 16-18h ? thanks!

  • Can you talk a little about how to try to protect ourselves from the virus on surfaces? For instance, when practicing social distancing and avoiding grocery stores, what are some best, safe practices for handling delivered items?


  • Hi! Is there a way to find out what products I am intolerant to without going to a hospital? I feel bloated often even though I do not eat diary at all or eat raw food for dinner.

  • Hey! I do OMAD but I was wondering if I’m putting at risk my immune system by pushing a 36hrs fast a week?
    With al this anxiety and stress it’s hard to get my weight to drop…

  • Is long-term fasting dangerous in terms of lowering body’s immunity response? I know that shorter fasts like 72 hour ones have been shown to actually boost immunity, but what about really long ones like week or even 14 days ones? And how often can we safely (long-term) fast in relation to immunity?
    Thank you ❤️

  • If every year, thousands die from the flu and other viruses, why is it that the these viruses seem like they’re no longer much of a priority in the world?

  • Hello. Thanks so much for the time and trouble you are taking to support us through this. I have a couple of questions – trying not to duplicate but apologies if I’ve missed anything.

    (1) you’ve said earlier that you don’t recommend longer than 24h fasting at the moment, for caution, due to the possibility of raised cortisol levels affecting immunity. Do you feel the same way about a >24h CR / FMD diet (e.g., ProLon)?

    (2) What if any supplementation do you recommend to support the immune system at this point?

    (3) Would there be any difference in your recommendations for women or men?

    Thanks so much and all best, Francesca

  • Hey, I’m really struggling to maintain the same fasting times as I used to be able to during this whole ‘staying inside lockdown’ thing. I used to be able to do 20 hours fasting will relative ease and now I struggle with 16 hours. I think it’s because I’m stuck indoors and bored, rather than out at university and busy. I don’t know how to address this issue, it’s stressing me out that I can’t fast as long and I feel like I’ve ‘lost’ the ability to fast.

  • Hi Zero team! Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions.

    I did a 3 day fast earlier this year, and all was going well until on the 2nd night in the middle of the night I woke up with both my legs asleep, as in very numb and I could not feel them, which resulted in me spraining my ankle ha. I’ve been nervous to do a fast since. I learned later it is because I did not supplement properly. What supplements are necessary to take during an extended fast of 3 days? And would these supplements differ if you were doing a 1 day fast?

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